Texas Breweries and Texas Beer

Photo 1: Lakewood Temptress

 Photo 2: 512 IPA

Photo 3: Lakewood Lager

Photo 4: Revolver Blood and Honey

Live Oak Music Hall and Lounge in Fort Worth.

This is a bar with a lot of Texas beers on tap. The bartenders are very friendly and really know their beers. The building in which they’re located has a roof-top terrace from which you can see downtown Fort Worth and lots of trees. Here we were able to try several beers from breweries that we were unable to reach during our trip, and several more that the breweries we did visit didn’t have on tap. We tried eight beers: Lakewood Temptress, 512 IPA, Lakewood Lager, Revolver Blood and Honey, Rahr & Sons Angry Goat, Rahr & Sons Visionary, Live Oak Liberation Ale, and Community Vienna Lager.

Lakewood Temptress (Milk Stout): This beer is dark and heavy but very silky and creamy with a good balanced malt taste, smooth with no bitter aftertaste at all.

512 IPA: This beer is dry with a citrus and hops taste. It has a bitterness throughout consumption that lingers as an aftertaste.

Lakewood Lager: This beer’s only flavor was bitterness. The best way to describe it is that it’s glorified frat water.

Revolver Blood and Honey: This beer is crisp and slightly sweet with strong taste of citrus, flowers, and cinnamon. It’s similar to Blue Moon with no bitter aftertaste.

Rahr & Sons Angry Goat: This beer is dark but not heavy with a malty coffee taste but with a slight bitterness to it.

Rahr & Sons Visionary: This beer is medium dark, not very heavy, with equal parts dark chocolate, malt, and hops and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Live Oak Liberation Ale (IPA): This beer is crisp with a citrus and flowery hops taste but no bitter aftertaste.

Community Vienna Lager: This beer is light with a hint of citrus hops but mostly tasteless.

My favorites here were Lakewood Temptress, the silkiness and smoothness of it were unbelievable, and Revolver Blood and Honey, the freshness was awesome. My least favorites were the bitter Lakewood Lager and the tasteless Community Vienna Lager.